Hashrate Happy Hour Podcast
Hashrate Happy Hour Podcast
Ep. 49 Bitcoin’s Interaction with Power Markets with Galaxy Digital

Hey everyone, welcome to this week’s release of the Hashrate Happy Hour Podcast, powered by Giga Energy.

This week on the show I had the pleasure of sitting down with Blake King, the Power Markets Engineer for Galaxy Digital.

Right out of the gate Blake and I get into PPA structures for bitcoin miners and what those relationships are like.

Blake does a great job steelmanning the case for what bitcoin mining is actually doing for renewable energy and we wrap up with what Blake is most excited about when it comes to the energy transition and bitcoin mining’s role in that.

You can find more about Galaxy Digital at: https://www.galaxy.com/

You can find more about Galaxy Digital on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/galaxyhq/

You can find more about Galaxy Digital on Twitter: https://twitter.com/GalaxyHQ

You can reach Blake via email at: Blake.king@galaxy.com

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This show is powered by Giga Energy.

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Today’s podcast is brought to you by our sponsor, the Texas Blockchain Council; a bitcoin-first nonprofit industry organization working to make Texas the jurisdiction of choice for bitcoin mining and blockchain innovation. They will be hosting North America’s premiere policy conference for the bitcoin and digital asset ecosystem on November 15-17 in Fort Worth Texas. For more information, please visit their website at texasblockchaincouncil.org.

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