Hashrate Happy Hour Podcast
Hashrate Happy Hour Podcast
Ep. 4 Bitcoin Mining Moving Up Stream

On today's show, my guest is Steve Barbour. Steve has years of experience in the oil and gas industry as well as the bitcoin mining industry, with a formal education as an engineer, and he is the CEO and Founder of Upstream Data. Steve’s company is an oil and gas services company that specializes in integrating bitcoin mining operations at oil and gas sights to help increase overall efficiencies. Their goal is to help pair modular bitcoin mining data centers to natural gas and oil operations to convert that waste gas into useful work that can be monetized.

On today’s show, Steve and I will talk through how Upstream Data is one of the pioneers in building and supplying portable load centers directly to the source of generation at oil and gas production sites, how oil and gas companies are viewing this unique way to monetize excess or waste gas on their sites, and how bitcoin mining is naturally moving farther and farther up-stream towards the point of energy generation. For me personally this was incredibly educational and insightful to hear about how bitcoin mining is finding itself more and more embedded in the oil and gas industry.

Support for today's show comes from SunnySide Digital. Your one-stop-shop for all of your bitcoin mining infrastructure needs. Contact their sales team today at sales@sunnysideinc.ca.

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