Hashrate Happy Hour Podcast
Hashrate Happy Hour Podcast
Ep. 20 Mining Bitcoin with Nuclear Power

Today's show is very exciting, I sat down with Kerri Langlais the CSO at TeraWulf. TeraWulf has been one of those mining companies that I have ogled over since they first hit the scene with their nuclear facility partnership and so for me to be able to ask Kerri a bunch of questions was beyond exciting! TeraWulf is an infrastructure-focused bitcoin mining company accelerating the transition to a zero-carbon future. They develop, own, and operate fully integrated bitcoin mining facilities in strategic locations across the US, all while generating attractive investor returns while providing sustainable benefits for the communities they are in. Kerri is coming to the discussion with nearly 20 years of experience in the energy sector and has incredible unique perspectives on energy usage as well as strategy for bitcoin mining integrating into the world of energy generation.

During today’s show, we start with a deep dive on who TeraWulf is and what their strategy is as a company; Kerri walks us through which came first: bitcoin mining as a perfect ancillary service to energy generation or energy generation the best way to have the lowest cost of production; we dig into how bitcoin mining is not driving up the cost of electricity but rather driving costs down by providing additional revenue sources for energy generators; we discuss the benefits of having a bitcoin mining operation behind the meter at a nuclear power plant, and last we wrap up with how TeraWulf is approaching ESG and how the do everything they can to positively imbed themselves in the communities that they operate in. If you didn’t hear it in the first half of this intro, I was beyond excited to chat with Kerri and ask a bunch of questions about their strategy as a vertically integrated mining company. Conversations like these are why I started the podcast and why I am so bullish on the future of bitcoin mining enmeshing with the energy generation industry.

Today’s podcast is brought to you by our sponsor, the Texas Blockchain Council; a bitcoin-first nonprofit industry organization working to make Texas the jurisdiction of choice for bitcoin mining and blockchain innovation. They will be hosting North America’s premiere policy conference for the bitcoin and digital asset ecosystem on November 15-17 in Fort Worth Texas. For more information, please visit their website at texasblockchaincouncil.org

Support for today's show comes from SunnySide Digital, the leading wholesale distributor of data center and digital mining hardware and infrastructure.. Contact their sales team today at sales@sunnysideinc.ca.

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