Hashrate Happy Hour Podcast
Hashrate Happy Hour Podcast
Ep. 2 Bitcoin Mining's Positive Impacts on Small Communities

On today's show, my guest is Nick Phillips. Nick is the EVP of Hosting Operations & Public Affairs at Applied Digital, they are one of the largest publicly traded next generation digital infrastructure companies in North America. Applied Digital is most known for their professional bitcoin mining hosting services. What makes Applied Digital so unique is that they seek to develop and operate ultra-low-cost digital infrastructure purpose built for high performance computing applications, by bringing datacenters directly to the point of power.

On today’s show, Nick and I will talk through what it takes to build data centers and bitcoin mining infrastructure at scale, the benefits of load shedding for a utility company, and the positive impact that bitcoin mining and large scale data centers have on the local economies. This is a must listen to conversation if you are considering scaling up your operation. Nick has a masterful understanding of digital infrastructure and the traditional data center industry and how all of this ties into benefits for a utility company.

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