Hashrate Happy Hour Podcast
Hashrate Happy Hour Podcast
Ep. 16 Politics and Bitcoin Mining

On today's show, I have a very special guest joining me. I have Lee Bratcher on, and Lee is the President & Founder of The Texas Blockchain Council. If you listen to the show you will know that they are a sponsor for the podcast and have been a very good partner for the show. The Texas Blockchain Council is an industry association that works to promote the interests of their member companies. They exist to combine the influence of their members, to advocate for blockchain-centric public policy initiatives, and to educate members of government about the benefits of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Lee joins me for this conversation with a deep background in policy and government experience as well as a broad range of knowledge of the bitcoin mining industry.

During today’s show, Lee and I discuss what stakeholder management looks like for bitcoin mining and why bitcoin miners should be mindful of it; we talk about some examples of legislation and incentives that bitcoin miners are benefiting from by locating in Texas; We dive into how bitcoin mining is disrupting the ancillary services market in the energy industry and why that is a net positive for the citizens; and lastly we wrap up with how bitcoin mining is having an outsized positive impact on the local economies where these facilities operate. As I mentioned at the top, Lee brings phenomenal insight and perspective on the legislative side of bitcoin mining and the energy industry. These topics are hugely important right now as the US is actively trying to sort out how to treat this new asset class and this new tool for the grid system and so its increasingly more important to understand what is going on locally within the government.

Today’s podcast is brought to you by our sponsor, the Texas Blockchain Council; a bitcoin-first nonprofit industry organization working to make Texas the jurisdiction of choice for bitcoin mining and blockchain innovation. They will be hosting North America’s premiere policy conference for the bitcoin and digital asset ecosystem on November 15-17 in Fort Worth Texas. For more information, please visit their website at texasblockchaincouncil.org

Support for today's show comes from SunnySide Digital, the leading wholesale distributor of data center and digital mining hardware and infrastructure.. Contact their sales team today at sales@sunnysideinc.ca.

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