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The goal is to have candid conversations with both bitcoin mining companies and energy production companies to find ways that the two industries can work together better.

The show aims to help educate the audience on bitcoin mining & energy usage and identify the benefits of bitcoin mining to the electrical grid and power production through conversations that you would typically have over a happy hour.


Ben Walsh

Meet Ben Walsh, the host of Hashrate Happy Hour Podcast, where he delves into the intersection of energy and bitcoin mining industries. With years of experience in professional sales, Ben brings a unique perspective to the show as he oversees SunnySide Digital’s products and services for its various clients in the data center and digital mining sector.

Before joining SunnySide Digital, Ben founded a private bitcoin mining operation and provided consulting services to multiple companies, helping them scale up operations to several MWs of capacity. He also has extensive knowledge of the bitcoin mining industry, making him an expert in the field.

Prior to his foray into the digital mining sector, Ben spent over eight years in sales at a Fortune 500 manufacturing company, where he managed a $26M+ sales territory and key accounts, driving year-over-year growth.

With his broad professional experience and passion for bridging the gap between the energy and bitcoin mining industries, Ben brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to his podcast. Tune in to Hashrate Happy Hour to join the conversation and learn from one of the industry’s leading voices.

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