Focus of the Podcast

There is currently a lot of discussion about the immense amount of electricity that bitcoin mining consumes, and whether or not that is bad for civilization. 

Ben is seeking to have an unbiased approach to finding out exactly how bitcoin mining fits into the energy mix of the US, and how the two industries can become more symbiotic. 

Tune in each week to hear conversations with your host Ben Walsh and energy experts & bitcoin mining experts as they discuss the nuances of electrical generation, consumption, and the future of the electrical grid. 

Your Host: Ben Walsh

Ben is a father, husband, entrepreneur and many other things. He embraces challenges and looks forward to setting new goals to overcome.

He started this podcast as a way to learn and be surrounded by the best and the brightest people in the bitcoin mining and energy industries. It has since grown into a platform to help the two worlds come together and work better together through candid conversations.

Get in Touch

The podcast has turned into a platform to help connect the bitcoin mining and energy production industries.

Through the conversations for the podcast, Ben has established deep relationships with industry experts from both industries.

Please reach out if we can help make an introduction, offer advice/consulting, or if you are curious about a particular subject.