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Ep. 34 Site Diversification & Power Strategy with Core Scientific

Conversation with Adam Sullivan, the CEO at Core Scientific on their power strategy and site diversification strategy.

Ep. 32 Bitcoin Mining's Impact on Grid Stability with ERCOT

Conversation wtih Evan Neel & Agee Springer at ERCOT about grid stability with bitcoin mining load on the system.

Ep. 44 Asset Light Bitcoin Mining with Gryphon Mining

Conversation with Rob Chang, the CEO of Gryphon Mining about their approach to being an asset light bitcoin miner.

Ep. 37 Wind Farms & Bitcoin Mining with Cormint

Conversation with Jamie McAvity, the CEO at Cormint about their unique approach to locating bitcoin mining facilities at wind farms.

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Formerly known as the Hashrate Happy Hour Podcast, started as a way to learn and be surrounded by the best and the brightest people in the bitcoin mining and energy industries. It has since grown into a platform to help the two worlds come together and work better together through candid conversations. 

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